The simple, intelligent martial arts studio platform!

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Easy to Use

A focus on clean design, intuitive features, and robust capabilities means that you can do more time what you do best: training your students!

Powerful Features

Manage contracts, invoices, curriculum, attendance, reminders, competitions, equipment, and more with a simple and robust platform that includes powerful reporting and insight engines!

Complete Ecosystem

Empower your studio with apps to administer your school, log your attendance, guide your students, and grade your exams. Take your school to the next level!

We'll Handle the Business,
You Handle the Training

Gain unparalleled insights into how your studio is performing to stay on top of trends. Remembering to remind students about tuition or printing out curriculum will be things of the past. With KDojang, we'll enable you to have more time to focus on your passion while helping your business grow.

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Simple but Powerful

New features are being added all the time!

  • Scheduling and Attendance
  • Contracts and Automatic Invoicing
  • Exams and Competitions
  • Equipment Tracking
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Messaging and Notifications
  • And So Much More!
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Simple Pricing

Free forever to use, just pay for additional functionality as needed!

Free By Default

No credit card needed to get started. Free forever features include attendance tracking, schedules, curriculum, basic reports, and more!

Affordable Invoicing

Charges handled by our system incurs a 5% + $0.50 fee per transaction.

Document Storage

Up to 1GB of document storage for free, then $1/GB/month.