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Easy to Use Features

Contract and Invoice Management

Keep track of and manage contracts and invoices, optionally accepting credit cards (a fee applies for credit card processing)

Scheduling and Attendance

Track attendance, events, competitions and more

Curriculum and Testing

Build curriculum and tie it to ranks to enable students to study on the go

Document Management

Keep track of waivers, releases, and forms


Professionally hosted and managed so you don't need to install anything

Robust Analytics

Get new insights into how your school is performing


Not sure how KDojang can help you? Check out our demo installation! It resets daily so you can explore many of the features of KDojang without worries. If you still have questions, you can always send an email to support@treelightsoftware.com with any questions the demo doesn't answer for you!

Simple Pricing

Always free to use, no committments!

Free Core Features

Core features such as attendance, student management, curriculum management, and examinations are free and will always be free. You can get started with these immediately without any payment information needed!

Pay Only For Premium Features

We charge for Premium Features such as Credit Card processing, SMS, and Document Storage. For credit card processing, we charge 5% plus $0.50 per transaction.

Get Started!

Getting started is free and easy. All you have to do is Sign Up for a completely free account. You can stay free forever without ever giving us any payment information! Once you need more features, upgrading is safe, secure and easy. Have questions? Send us an email at support@treelightsoftware.com!